Raja Haroon Hamid

Director Business Development & Sales

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Mr. Haroon Hamid is a seasoned Renewable Energy expert with extensive Business Development and Technical experience in emerging technologies related to Energy and Defense industries. Mr. Hamid holds a Bachelors in Business Administration with two majors (Management Information Systems and Economics) from American University of Sharjah and Hamdard University, Pakistan respectively. He has worked in diverse industries ranging from Media, Renewable Energy, Metal Fabrication etc. across Pakistan. Additionally, he has acquired various technical certifications during his professional career.

Personal Experience

While working under the leadership of Air Marshal Shahid Hamid, Mr. Hamid was assigned the role of team-lead of the team who in collaboration with AEDB and GIZ organized Provincial workshops across Pakistan. He was also pivotal in successfully hosted one of the most prestigious World Wind Energy Association Events (WWEC2018 and PRES2019) across Pakistan to advocate and raise awareness on the potential of Renewable Energy in Pakistan that received media coverage globally and acknowledged by President of Pakistan.

After gaining requisite experience in the field of ARE, Mr. Hamid started a Solar EPC company by the name of RE Nergy Solutions (Private) Limited (RENSOL) in 2020 based on his hands-on experience and expertise in the field of Solar Energy.  Currently he working as Managing Director / Director Business Development & Sales at RENSOL, a reputable C1 certified company.   

Mr. Hamid has been representing RENSOL at various international Solar Energy forums in Turkey, China and UAE.

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