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Air Marshal Raja Shahid Hamid ®, Chairman Renergy Solutions Pvt Ltd, was a seasoned Renewable Energy expert with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Renewables and Defense R&D. Mr. Shahid Hamid received Lifetime Achievement Award by Pakistan Engineering Council and also, received Lifetime Achievement Award by World Wind Energy Association for his tireless contributions to Renewable Energy. Mr. Shahid Hamid was one of unsung heroes of Pakistan who designed the delivery system of Pakistan’s Nuclear Program. He was the founder of one of the most prestigious R & D organizations in Pakistan and has been awarded highly prestigious national medals SI(M), SBt,TI(M) by Government of Pakistan for his outstanding national contributions. In 2003, he retired as an Air Marshal from Pakistan Air Force and founded Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB).

Personal Experience

As the first Chairman of AEDB along with a team of experts, he formulated the first-ever Renewable Energy policy for Pakistan, which was approved by the Government of Pakistan. The main purpose of this policy was to promote and develop enabling environments for national and international investors in the field of Alternative resources of energy. In the process, AEDB attracted 98 investors globally to set up 50 Mega-Watt Wind farms each in Pakistan.

Mr. Shahid Hamid has carried out Wind Data analysis, Feasibility studies and Selection of sites to facilitate the concerned investors. From June 2007 onwards, about three thousand homes in Pakistan were provided Solar PV electricity. Furthermore, he has done extensive work in other fields such as Biogas, Biomass, Bio-diesel and Micro/mini-hydal. Mr. Shahid Hamid has also presented papers on Alternative Energy sources in Conferences/ Seminars in various countries such as USA, Canada, China, Germany, India etc. Mr. Shahid Hamid served as Chairman WWEA-Pakistan Chapter and Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform-Pakistan Chapter to promote Renewable Energy in Pakistan. Mr. Shahid Hamid was very passionate about Renewables and his legacy still continues with his own founded company Renergy Solutions Pvt. Ltd that he was heading as Chairman.

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